Be Brave. Invest in Yourself.

Recently I decided to swim against the tide. I quit my great executive position despite all advice to the contrary. I did it because it was time. I’d achieved all I could and every day invested with my fantastic firm was a day not investing in myself and my next fantastic firm.

I wanted to spend time completing my Executive MBA, rediscovering what it was that I wanted, what I was capable of if I got braver than I was, and how I will add value to the next great team that I’ll work with.

Not everyone can quit their job, I get that. But I have learned that with the network around you, you can create opportunities for yourself.

No, I haven’t got my next great role as yet, but I’m well on my way with lots of opportunities on the boil. I’m about to be appointed to a very exciting NFP board and I’m the world’s most experienced intern in Australia’s most innovative place. All because some great ladies and men in my network encouraged me to get brave and jump.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. You have to stand out to recruiters and to employer prospects beyond pieces of paper. There are loads of free tools available to create websites or interactive applications for that next role. Consider it even for an internal promotion.

2. Apply for a role or ask for an upgrade in your existing one, even if you don’t have all of the experience. You need potential to grow in a role. Put it in a positive light! You need this advice, particularly if you are a woman. You don’t need to be 120% ready, just go for it!

3. Use your network. Think of it like Pokemon Go – the opportunities may be all around you, but you just have to catch them!

4. If you do quit your job, it will take time. Prepare for any financial implications. Go and volunteer while you wait and keep inspired!

Article re-printed with kind permission of Deborah Young