Getting your pitch on

On 25 November 2015, Ribit teamed up with Fintech hub Stone & Chalk and Finsia to launch the Fintern Fever summer internship program, a speed dating style event which ultimately saw more than 25 students finding roles with 17 startups. 

S&C CEO, Alex Scandurra, faced the camera and summarised the art of pitching. Having listened to many pitches (and done a few himself), Alex has a pretty good handle on how to get your best side across when you've only got a very short time to make a good impression. His advice includes taking the time to:

  • think about who you are: personal qualities and technical/professional experiences
  • consider what motivates you
  • focus on why you are interested in working for that particular company?
  • research some of the people working in the startups
  • compile any examples of your work i.e. portfolios, writing samples, etc.

Uploaded by Ribit on 2015-11-24.