Get Connected @ Canberra Innovation Network: 23 May 2016

Fun fact: Did you know that only one in three people who've studied in Canberra and go on to start a company, stay in Canberra?  More than 500 former ACT students have shifted away over the years to start high profile brands including Sumo Salad, Temple and Webster and Appafy. 

'Get Connected Canberra' turned out to be a great chance to show both Capital students and startups alike that big ideas and local talent could be found close to home. We were even able to broadcast this message on a national level thanks to coverage from ABC News.

More than 50 students from Australian National University, Canberra University and Canberra Institute of Technology all got face-to-face with 25 startups from the Canberra Innovation Network. Terrific afternoon and the interviews kept going well after the final bell was rung.