Fintern Fever #2 @ Stone & Chalk: 02 June 2016

The cold finally rocked up to Sydney, just in time for our winter Stone & Chalk speed-dating event “Fintern Fever #2”.

So are we glad we went back for a second helping? Absolutely!

The students were in their element, whipped into pitching readiness by Sally-Ann Williams, Google Australia’s Engineering Outreach and Community Manager. This is a lady who preaches the importance of getting uncomfortable, in the best kind of way.

Even been offered a crazy opportunity and not sure whether it’s right for you? Just say ‘yes’. Don’t even think about it.

Also, while you’re at it, don’t be afraid of failure.

Pretty sweet advice for students who were about to head into multiple interview rounds with a bunch of startups. Turns out, the 50+ FF delegates were fearless and once again, the S&C residents are now left with the great problem of deciding who should join their respective teams.